Dreamy Mediterranean
garden of natural luxury

Can Alegre is enveloped by a beautifully landscaped garden teeming with native Mediterranean plants. The air is fragrant with aromatic herbs, fruit trees abound and tall, palm trees sway in the breeze.
Set in a valley of pine trees and rich, red earth, this 5,000 m² garden integrates seamlessly with its surroundings creating an oasis of beauty and tranquillity.

An enchanting oasis
in a rainbow of colours

A charming space where Ibiza’s nature really shines through: soft, scented beds of sage are found throughout the garden, rosemary hangs over stone walls in cascades of bright green, and violet lavender hedges line the garden steps to create charming pathways.
Early morning sun scatters sunlight through fruit trees of pomegranate, fig, olive and carob and the whole garden shines in splendour.

“The architecture of Ibiza is only a part of an organic, living relationship between man and nature.” ~ Rolph Blakstad