Can Alegre Ibiza October 2021 188

A morning taste of
Mediterranean lifestyle

With direct access to the kitchen, this lovely covered terrace is an idyllic spot to enjoy breakfast and morning coffee as the sun rises over the trees and fills the space with warm, golden light.

The impressive dining table, made from one old sabina tree, is perfect to sit around with family and friends, recounting stories, laughing together and enjoying alfresco dining on warm summer nights.

Outdoor living
at its best

At the far end of the terrace, a large hand-woven tapestry beautifully frames the wall above a cosy sitting area and an inviting rope swing sways in the breeze. An ideal place to relax and take in the peaceful views over the majestic olive tree and the beautifully landscaped gardens.

Wake up feeling blessed as you sip your morning coffee and the first rays of sun kiss your skin good morning