Can Alegre Ibiza October 2021 II 147

A private space for
relaxation and contemplation

Located on the second floor of the property, this lovely guest suite offers privacy and space with the added bonus of a charming veranda.
Inside the room, a large, colourful handwoven rug adds a cosy, welcoming feel, whilst finishings of wood and light fabric add to the serene surroundings.

Enjoy your
private veranda!

Stepping onto the veranda, you are greeted on all sides by splendid views of Ibiza’s emblematic pine-covered hills, where bright emerald green meets deep blue sky.
The en-suite bathroom is bright and airy thanks to windows that look out to the gardens, and a skylight that runs the length of the room, revealing accents of blue Ibiza sky.


Hanging from the wooden ceiling beams, a cosy chair provides the perfect spot for chilling, meditating and soaking up that Ibiza summer feeling of pure bliss.