Can Alegre Ibiza October 2021 719 3

Where traditional architecture
meets contemporary style

As you step into the living room, you are welcomed into an airy, stylish space flooded with light. The thick white walls and stunning wooden roofs are unmistakable features of traditional Ibiza architecture, whilst the high ceiling windows are a modern feature that adds light and brings the bright blue sky inside.

The room opens out through large, sliding glass doors onto a spacious outdoor living area and down to the pool and garden beyond, creating a dynamic space that flawlessly brings the exterior indoors.

Your home
away from home

Many unique pieces, collected from around the world, can be found throughout the villa, such as sculptures, wall hangings and the music-themed chandelier, which was designed especially for this room by the renowned artist Heinz Julen from Zermatt.

These all blend seamlessly together with the surrounding Mediterranean design and Blakstad’s use of raw materials, to help create spaces that are both stylish and welcoming – just like this living room.

Sliding glass doors make it possible to close off the room from the outside whilst still keeping a sense of space and light.
The large white fireplace and face-to-face sofas create the perfect space for snug winter evenings by the fire or summer night get-togethers.

The TV is located in an adjoining TV room, meaning that the living room’s purpose remains focused on conversation and interaction.

An open and bright space that still feels cozy